Hi, I'm Mikk Lemberg. Welcome to my simple personal webspace.๐Ÿ‘‹

I'm a design enthusiast with a business background. I like to be part of projects that inspire, build community, and raise cultural & social awareness. At the moment, I'm designing at 1oT โ†— and living in Tallinn, Estonia.

Before 1oT, I was a marketing project manager at WePower โ†—, a platform for green energy procurement. Before WePower, I was responsible for the wholesale strategy and brand marketing of Converse โ†— in the Baltics.

I believe in understanding & resolving everyday problems holistically. As a fan of fairness, I'm interested in working towards a positive near future (a subcategory of the future tense โ†—) that diffuses power in society, helps people and protects our rights.

Right now, I am alsoโ€ฆ

In my logged off hours, I enjoy biking, digging for music and reading anything and everything.

Looking to chat? Drop me a note at mikklemberg@icloud.com

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